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Cold Room Manufactures in Chandigarh

Cold Room Manufactures in Chandigarh

Cold Room nowadays is extremely important because they allow the cold room to function properly, therefore, ACE- Prefab Builders and Engineers is one of the best company for Cold Room Manufactures in Chandigarh.  Cold Room requires all the necessary requirements to keep the cold storage room up to efficient working standards. Uniquely designed, Cold Room is perfectly suited and highly preferred for low-temperature applications.

We ACE-BUILDERS & ENGINEERS are engaged in manufacturing of prefabricated accommodations and pre-engineered buildings for more than two decades. The company is one of the pioneers in manufacturing of prefabricated buildings in India and has in-house facilities for designing, manufacturing and erecting various types of prefabricated structures that are widely used in defense and other government organizations. We are ISO Certified for state of art manufacturing facility backed by in-house design & project management teams that work collectively to maintain the highest quality of the manufactured goods having a registered office located in Chandigarh and manufacturing unite at Derabassi (Mohali) Punjab.

A cold storage unit incorporates a refrigeration system that maintains the desired room environment accordingly for commodities to be stored. We provide a wide range of modern cold rooms and commercial cold storage. The cold rooms that we provide are fully computerized and with modern technologies intended to preserve the freshness in foods use of for meeting the storage as well as cooling needs arising in the food processing enterprises.

Features of Cold Rooms:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • It has Minimum waste, energy saving and eco-friendly
  • These are quite economical
  • Have Adequate storage space
  • With Long-term durability

Applications of Cold Rooms:

  • Horticulture:

For horticulture industry, cold rooms are designed for definite temperature and humidity level such that it maintains freshness of the product. Whereas humidity evaporators play an important role in most of the cold rooms. When the flowers are stored in them, the airflow is controlled so that the flower petals are not affected.

  • Hospitals:

Cold rooms for hospitals’ is an extensive application in hospitals, it’s basically used in research labs for further storing blood sample, diagnostic kits, life-saving drugs, and serum samples.

  • Dairy:

For maintaining accurate temperatures in dairy and ice cream sector completely relies on cold rooms. We have designed these cold rooms according to the daily necessities along with multiple units that ensure uniformity in the level of temperature. These cold rooms are also used for storage at distribution points that are uniquely designed to maintain low temperatures and consume low power.

  • Flori-culture segments:

For Flori-culture industry, cold rooms are designed for definite temperature and humidity level such that it maintains freshness of the product.

  • Seafood industry:

There is extensive use of cold rooms in the seafood industry. These are designed with the confirmation to the norms of marine product export. The cooling requirement varies in the seafood industry as here the products are stored at a different stage of production. At industry, the fresh catches are stored in chill rooms which require pulling down temperature quickly whereas processed foods require cold storage maintenance condition.

Our engineers utilize innovative designing concepts to build shelters, prefabricated steel structures, steel house that can be easily installed with flexibility for further expansion, mobility & dismantling. Every shelter is made using the highest quality of material that can withstand extreme conditions. Our shelters are specially designed and fabricated to suit high altitude, snowbound areas, desert areas, and earthquake-prone terrains, high wind pressure zones, in fact, these structures suit all type of terrains and climates, therefore known for the Cold Room Manufactures in Chandigarh

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