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PUF Panel manufacturers in Chandigarh

PUF Panel manufacturers in Chandigarh

Looking for PUF Panel manufacturers in Chandigarh ACE- Prefab Builders and Engineers is one of the best company for PUF Panel manufacturers in Chandigarh as we are considered as one of the leading manufacturers of these PUF Panels in Chandigarh. For the purpose of living up to this reputation, we use the finest raw materials and modern machinery. Finding our various applications in several industries, for the purpose of building roofs and walls, their preference in the market is quite high.

We ACE-BUILDERS & ENGINEERS are engaged in manufacturing of prefabricated accommodations and pre-engineered buildings for almost two decades. The company is amongst the pioneers in manufacturing of prefabricated buildings in India and has in-house facilities for designing, manufacturing and erecting various types of prefabricated structures that are widely used in defense and other government organizations. We are ISO Certified for state of art manufacturing facility backed by in-house design & project management teams that work collectively to maintain the highest quality of the manufactured goods having a registered office located in Chandigarh and manufacturing unite at Derabassi (Mohali) Punjab.

Our company also provides professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

Our construction service, the multi-task company specializes in the following core areas:

  • In our team, we combine Quality Workmanship, Superior Knowledge and Low Prices.
  • We ensure a job is done on time and in budget
  • Proven result for setting exceptional standards in cost control
  • Professional service for Private and Commercial customers
  • 20 years experience and a real focus on customer’s satisfaction

We at ACE-BUILDERS & ENGINEERS manufacture various types of PUF Insulated Panels:

  1. Prefab PUF Panels:

These are designing & manufacturing of panels of PPGI/Powder coated sheet with 90° metallic bends in metallic tongue & groove joint systems for proper sealing, airtight, strong, minimal wastage, cut to size with precision which curtail wastage at site in comparisons to continuous line panels which require cutting at site as they come in standard widths of one meter only hence our panels are specially designed to suite Pharma industries, hospitals, cold storage & high-end clinics and precision works.

  1. PUF Panels with Cam-Lock Arrangements

These panels are Specially designed for Indian Army shelters with full metallic bends on both sides in the vertical line of panels with tongue & groove joints & cam-lock locking system which provides additional strength, proper alignment, sealing and airtight joints and locking systems. Our panels are strong enough like solid brick-wall with zero percentage wastage fabricated cut to size as per requirements.

  1. Powder coated PUF Panels:

We manufacture powder coated panels in desired shades in the high-quality fine finish for specialized applications in operation theaters, clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries & research laboratories etc.

  1. Clean Room Panels Pharmaceuticals Industry:

For pharmaceutical industry clean rooms, we provide high precision, specially designed factory made View panels, Riser panels and clean room Doors with all SS-304 grade accessories. In clean room insulated doors, we use poly-urethane foam instead of honeycomb and rock-wool for the cleaner environment and better insulations.

  1. Roof Top Panels:

We also manufacture roof panels with the trapezoidal shape on the rooftop for strength & interlocking which can withstand any adverse climate conditions.

  1. Floor Panels:

Floor panels with wooden, fiberglass & ceramic/stone top finish in PUF insulation can also be manufactured to suit customer needs and requirements.


We also provide fiberglass reinforced panels for various purposes like cladding/checkered finished floor panels etc.

Our engineers utilize innovative designing concepts to build shelters, prefabricated steel structures, steel house that can be easily installed with flexibility for further expansion, mobility & dismantling. Every shelter is made using the highest quality of material that can withstand extreme conditions. Our shelters are specially designed and fabricated to suit high altitude, snowbound areas, desert areas, and earthquake-prone terrains, high wind pressure zones, in fact, these structures suit all type of terrains and climates, therefore known for the PUF Panel manufacturers in Chandigarh


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  • Col Saurabh Verma
    June 15, 2019, 12:36 pm REPLY

    I would like your quote on the puf roof panels, call me on 9813629340

  • Ashwani Uppal
    August 7, 2019, 4:00 pm REPLY

    Interested to buy puf panal

  • suleman
    October 19, 2019, 6:02 pm REPLY

    Dear sir we are install quality and affordable cold storeg panels listed below freezer room chiller room blast freezer anty room Clean room prossing room whear house office room cold room clean room door celing and also use as partition walls and ceiling and tharmacol insulation cold storage flooring. Any job s India and out of country plz contact me

    Mohd unman. Ph 9528993243 7906818295 9359293107. Mail. Suleman9528@gmail.com

  • Mandeep
    October 24, 2020, 4:03 am REPLY

    Want to get a car shed done in mohali…can u send some pics and quotes

  • Mandeep
    October 24, 2020, 4:04 am REPLY


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